Types of Vape Juice

When you vape, you are always going to have a wide array of options when it comes to the way it tastes, how much nicotine you are consuming, and the variety of your experience. Changing the flavour of your vape can do a lot more than stimulate your taste buds.

Depending on the products you purchase, you can tailor your entire experience. Whether you are looking for something long-term or are in the process of quitting smoking entirely, what you put in your vape will determine your results.


The liquid you put into your vape is often referred to as vape juice. This not only contains the flavour you taste but the nicotine concentrate as well. You can purchase these products from shops in person or from shops online; all of them are suitable to put into the current vape you are using.

Fruity: Most opt for fruit-flavoured liquid because this tastes pleasant. Vape shops sell just about every fruit flavour imaginable to enhance the taste of your vape.

Sweet: If you are not into a fruity taste, there are still other flavours designed to make the vape taste sweeter. These often come in the form of juices that mimic dessert options.

Nostalgic: There are some juices that are meant to remind you of old favourite snacks. A great example of this is what is often referred to as “frosty tiger” flavour. It will taste like cereal that you know and love.

Bold: If you want more of a menthol flavour or simply a tobacco taste, you can opt for a juice flavour that is simply bolder. Since there is no sweetness added, you will truly be able to enjoy the flavour as you would when you smoke a regular cigarette.

Other Options

Aside from the way the juices change the taste of your vape, they can also increase or decrease the amount of nicotine you are consuming. Make sure to read packaging to verify exactly how much nicotine is in each refill you purchase. This can allow you to limit your intake properly, especially if you are trying to cut back or even quit smoking entirely.

By changing the type of juice you put into your vape, your experience can change entirely. This gives you many benefits, from the way your vape tastes to how frequently you will be smoking. Vaping is a great alternative to cigarettes because it is truly a unique experience.

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